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Signed Limited Edition Estate Owned Nat Fein Prints
All silver gelatin prints in this section were personally developed and signed
Pulitzer Prize photographer Nat Fein

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Vintage Print Defined:
According to Christie's Photographic Department, "a vintage print is a positive image developed from the original negative by the photographer or under his/her supervision, approximately at the time the negative was made".  Only images that are indicated in RED are vintage prints. All others are developed by the original negative at another date by Nat Fein.  

John F Kennedy
1960 John F. Kennedy clinches his fist and makes an emphatic gesture
while delivering a campaign speech during a street rally on Manhattan’s 7th Avenue.

Albert Einstein
1952 at his Princeton N.J. home
Albert Einstein was being honored at his Princeton, New Jersey home for the founding of a hospital in Israel. Fein had taken some routine award presentation shots and wanted to do something different.  It was April and Income Tax time. Fein recalls; "I just figured it would be unique to get Albert Einstein, the world's greatest mind, to pose puzzled as he filled out an Income Tax Form".  Fein attempted to convince Einstein.  But somehow the idea insulted the Professor.  "I want you to leave the premises," replied Einstein angrily. He then escorted Fein out of his home.  Nat Fein would later insist, "It would have been a brilliant picture". 

Frank Lloyd Wright
Famous American architect

The 1955 World Champion Brooklyn Dodgers


Lady Liberty,1940
Vintage Print

Only Yesterday
Bobby Kennedy looking at mural of brother Jack

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