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Signed Limited Edition Estate Owned Nat Fein Prints
All silver gelatin prints in this section were personally developed and signed
Pulitzer Prize photographer Nat Fein

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Vintage Print Defined:
According to Christie's Photographic Department, "a vintage print is a positive image developed from the original negative by the photographer or under his/her supervision, approximately at the time the negative was made".  Only images that are indicated in RED are vintage prints. All others are developed by the original negative at another date by Nat Fein.  

Great White Way Darkens Lights under Army Air-raid Regulations
 (Times Square looking north, April 29, 1942)
The familiar Broadway lights are dimmed for the reminder of World War II as Mid-town Manhattan complies with new Army lighting restrictions designed to curtail enemy attacks on shipping.  The “dimout” was a prelude to a total blackout scheduled the next evening which affected almost all of Manhattan from river to river bounded by Eleventh Street on the south and 123d Street on the north.

Down Under
Kangaroo exits subway (1942)  
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Carl Sandburg
Great American Pulitzer Prize Poet.

The George Washington Bridge
The single level bridge and the only lighthouse in Manhattan Island,1944.


Bowery, New York,1948
Vintage Print

Joe DiMaggio
Photograph taken in Yankee Stadium in 1953
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