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Item 299C. Palace Theater Marquee (May 14, 1949)
Vaudeville Reopens
Built in 1913 by Martin Beck, the Palace Theater became synonymous with vaudeville.
 Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Douglas Fairbanks, Will Rogers, Sophie Tucker and the Marx Brothers
 were among the big acts to perform on its stage. For almost twenty years the Palace Theater distinguished
 itself as the top variety house in the country until 1932 when vaudeville's colorful era came to an end.
 But many were hopeful that the new opening would serve as vaudeville's revival.
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ITEM 299D. Palace Theater Center Aisle (May 14, 1949)
 An old vaudevillian looks on as carpenters prepare the stage for the opening.
Seats are priced from 65 cents to $1.20 for the weekend show.
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Item 44A. Inside Palace Theater / Side View (May 14,1949)
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Item 299E. Vaudevillians In Front of Vaudeville Sign (May 14, 1949)
Vaudeville Reminiscing

Outside the Palace Theater, vaudevillians talk about the old days while anticipating the show's opening.
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Item 299. Vaudevillians Dance Outside the Palace Theater (May 14, 1949)
Preparing for a Vaudeville revival, these entertainers put on a preview of the show's reopening.
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Item 299A. Vaudevillian Dances with Hands in Air (May 14, 1949)
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Item 300. Billiards at the Lamb's Club (1947)
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Item 302. Columbus Circle Aerial View (1950)
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Item 315. Queen Elizabeth in New York 1954
      In 1954, Britain's Queen Mother Elizabeth visited New York aboard the Queen Mary cruise ship.
As she entered the ship's main lobby to meet dignitaries who'd bow and curtsy upon her majesty's presence,
photographers swarmed to take her picture. But she appeared to be uninterested in the photographers
 who were roped off in a corner.  "Hey Queenie," Fein yelled.  Queen Elizabeth turned with an amused smile
and waved. The room then burst into laughter and Nat Fein took his shot.
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Item 318. Duke and Duchess of Windsor
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Item 229. Bowery and Elevated Subway (1947)
Chatham Square, looking north up the Bowery.
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