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Item 18. Ty Cobb (November 1955)
Newark, New Jersey
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Item 20. Casey Stengel (September 14, 1953)
The Dynasty Continues
Yankees set a record by winning their fifth straight pennant. In a scene which became familiar,
Casey is raised in victory by co-owners Dan Topping (left) and Del Webb (right). Yanks beat
the Cleveland Indians 8 to 5, and in so doing set themselves up as the only team in history to win
five straight World Series as well.
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Item 21. Yogi Berra  
Becomes NY Mets manager.
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 Item 129.  Mickey Mantle Smashes Snowball
Celebrating his $60,000 contract on February 4, 1957.

      Item 402. Last game at Polo Grounds / Casey Stengel / Rear View
September 18, 1963)

Manager of the then struggling NY Mets, Stengel returned to the clubhouse after a 5 to 1 lost to the Philadelphia Phillies.
The Polo Grounds first opened in 1880 and was home to the NY Baseball Giants from 1883 to 1957.
Nat Fein covered the story of the last Major League Baseball game to be played at the historic stadium.

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   Item 402A.  Casey Stengel at last game in Polo Grounds / Clubhouse Stairs
September 18, 1963)
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         Item 22. Dodger Fan at Ebbets Field / Woman Screams / (October 7, 1952)
Brooklyn Dodger Fan reacts to an RBI single by Pee Wee Reese during
the 1952 World Series between the Yankees and Dodgers
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         Item 22A.  Dodger Fan at Ebbets Field / Woman Utters Expletive ( October 7, 1952)
A reaction to a Mickey Mantle homerun during a pivotal moment in the game, is captured here
 during the 1952 World Series, between the Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers .

          Item 22B. Yankee Fan at Ebbets Field / Man Cheers (October 7, 1952)
Reaction to yet another Mickey Mantle RBI.
Final score is 4 to 2 as the Yankees take the series from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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