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Item 98. Baby in Tuba (June 10, 1954)
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Item 99. Streetcar (1941)

Item 106A. Clown on Stilts
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Item 107. Valentine Boy and Girl (February 1953)
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Item 109. Mother and Daughter at Central Park Pond (1958)
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112A. Chimp and Circus Elephants (1963)
The Harlem River railroad yards in the Bronx where the circus trains were unloaded.
  Chimp helps feed the elephants before embarking down to  Eighth Avenue and Fifty-third Street
to the old Madison Square Garden for the opening of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
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Item 114. Chatham Square Pals (1942)
Chatham Square elevated train station.

Item #115. Central Park Tunnel Snow Scene (February 28, 1949)
A squirrel darts across an underpass near East Sixty-eighth Street in Central Park.
After the warmest February since 1890, a cold snap brings 4.4 inches of snow to the City.
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Unsigned Section Page 11

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