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Item 117. Man Dozing on Battery Park Bench (1959)

Item 119. Grace Line Fire with Highway View (September 29, 1947)

Item 194. Grace Line Fire and Fireman (September 29, 1947)
Eleventh Avenue between 15th and 16th Street  was the scene of a blaze at Pier 57. Over two firemen responded.
The fire burned for over two days and was said to have been the largest pier fire in the City's history.

Item 192. The Normandie Fire and Fire Boats (February 9 1942)
As night falls, rescue workers attempt to avert disaster at the West 48th Street pier. Built as the fastest liner of it's time, the $59,000,000 Normandie, or the U.S.S. Lafayette, as she was officially designated, goes down in a blaze in the icy Hudson River. See other photos below.
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192A. The Normandie Fire / Hook & Ladder (February 9 1942)
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Item 192C. The Normandie Sinking on it's Side (February 10, 1942)
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Item 121. Coney Island Bathers (July 4, 1950)
450,000 bathers crowd the beach at Brooklyn’s Coney Island
to cool off for the holiday. Parachute Jump in background.
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Item 122. Grant's Tomb Street Scene (1951)
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Item 123. Circus Elephant Parade (April 2, 1949)
Elephants with their usual escort of children passing Eighth Avenue and Fifty-third Street
 on their way to the old Madison Square Garden for the opening of the Ringling Brothers
 and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Many of the children began their escort all the way from
the Harlem River railroad yards in the Bronx where the circus trains were unloaded.
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Item 100. Sleeping Circus Elephants (April 3, 1949)
Elephants from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
sleep in the basement of the old Madison Square Garden. The younger elephants slept on the ground
as the older ones who would have trouble getting up, slept on their feet. The photograph was
taken at 4:30 the morning after the tired elephants paraded all the way down Eighth Avenue
from the Bronx. No flash was used by Nat Fein so as to prevent the elephants from being startled.
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Item 126. Horse Buggy and Traffic Cop (1946)
West 43rd Street
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