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Item 69. Empire State Building Shadow (1940)


Item 71. Man Walking in the Snow  (December 19, 1948)
Snow Walk
Central Park South Near Plaza Hotel

Item 73. Second Avenue Pony Photographer (May 17, 1949)
Photographer Paul Rosen of the Bronx and his 27 year old Persian pony (Sandy)
are hard at work on Second Avenue and Sixty First Street.
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Item 74.5 Two Men Sitting in Doorway (July 20, 1947)
Vagrants in the Bowery are target of police drive to clean that section of the City.
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Item 75. Three Vagrants Talking (July 20, 1947)
Bowery Discussion
Three denizens of the Bowery discuss the Police Department drive to clean up that
section of the city. The area is the focal point of the City's attempts to rid vagrants off the street . 
The picture shows a section of the Bowery between Stanton and Rivington Street.

Item 74B. Sick Baby Gorilla (1948)
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Item 78. Central Park Boating (1942)
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Item 78A. Central Park Lake Twilight (1942)
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Item 79. Sweet Potato Man (1942)
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