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Signed Limited Edition Estate Owned Nat Fein Prints
All silver gelatin prints in this section were personally developed and signed
Pulitzer Prize photographer Nat Fein

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Vintage Print Defined:
According to Christie's Photographic Department, "a vintage print is a positive image developed from the original negative by the photographer or under his/her supervision, approximately at the time the negative was made".  Only images that are indicated in RED are vintage prints.


The Babe Bows Out
by Nat Fein

Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken on June 13, 1948, at Yankee Stadium.

The Empire State Building
Completed in 1931.
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Albert Schweitzer
 Albert Schweitzer at The Gramercy Park Hotel (July 18, 1949)
Albert Schweitzer pauses to greet a little girl clutching a doll while walking on Lexington Avenue.

Brooklyn Dodgers Fan
1952 World Series, Ebbets Field.

Aqueduct Racetrack
Mr. Fein positions his Speed Graphic camera onto the path of racing horses.    

Mickey Mantle smashes a snowball at Yankee Stadium, 
celebrating his $65,000 contract in 1957.

My Day
June 13, 1948, after an intensifying fifteen minute wait in the runway 
behind the dugout, the Babe emerges.

Sultan of Swat
At age 53, George Herman Ruth suits up in the Yankee locker room for the last time.  
 June 13, 1948.

Central Park Tunnel Snow Scene (February 28, 1949)
A squirrel darts across an underpass near East Sixty-eighth Street in Central Park.
After the warmest February since 1890, a cold snap brings 4.4 inches of snow to the City.

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